Delivery Information’s shipping and delivery cycle is pretty smooth and we ensure that our buyers get their jackets quickly, this is the reason that we have got warehouse in USA.

Still there are many designs that are Pre-Sale, Custom-Made or Make-on-Demand that are to be manufactured from scratch and for that purpose we use fresh material (such as processed genuine animal hides), these items are also sent through quicker courier services such as DHL, FedEx or UPS depending upon the part of the world the buyer lives in.

The complete cycle from the inception of the order to the delivery takes no more than 7 working days unless some exception arises such as natural disaster or unavailability of certain patterns or raw material which is instantly being updated to the buyer.

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What are the costs involved:

Shipping costs usually depends on what part of the world you live in. To cut the shipping costs we usually ship from our nearest warehouse if the item is readily available in stock.

Cost of Shipping varies from $18 to $54.99 again depending on the location of buyer and the shipping service used. For East European countries, Africa, South America and Russia our shipping rates are a bit high due to higher postal rates in those areas.

Import Levies

Import taxes and duties are solely buyers responsibility, though we may try accommodating our buyers in this regard, still if they incur any import duties, we cannot be held liable for that.

At our prime motive like many other sellers is customer satisfaction so for that matter we would certainly like to help buyers in saving their costs however we do not have any control over the customs of their countries as custom policy differ region to region and some countries are very strict in imposing duties for importing any high value item.

So finally it is customer’s responsibility to check with their countries customs and regulatory authority for the import taxes etc.

Please contact us if you are unsure about anything and we would certainly like to help.